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Road Traffic Fee Information

We believe in being as transparent as possible in relation to the fees we charge in respect of motoring matters.  The fee will depend upon the nature of the charge, complexity or otherwise of the case and how much time our solicitors are engaged in respect of your case.


By way of example, someone charged with an offence of driving with excess alcohol may expect a preliminary consultation at one of our offices where we will advise on procedure and evidence, take your instructions in relation to the offence and advise on the appropriate plea (guilty or not guilty).


Guilty Plea

On a straightforward guilty plea, we would represent you at Court and prepare a plea in mitigation in order to obtain the best possible result.  The fee for this case would typically be £300 – £400 + VAT.  We would provide advice on the possibility of an Appeal against Sentence as part of the package.


If for whatever reason the matter is not concluded on the first occasion (e.g. if the Court adjourns for a Pre-Sentence Report, or not all the information is before the Court on the first occasion) should the case then necessitate our attendance at a second hearing the fee will be in the region of £450 – £600 + VAT.


Not Guilty Plea

If the matter proceeds by way of a not guilty plea, and therefore is necessarily adjourned for Trial we will charge our standard hourly rate of £175 + VAT for case preparation and advocacy at Trial.


Some cases that proceed to Trial are relatively simple and some are naturally more complex and involved.  We will be able to provide an overall cost estimate at an early stage in the proceedings on a not guilty plea.


Our work in these circumstances would involve advice upon the strength of the evidence, prospects of a not guilty verdict and all preparation for Trial including the taking of witness statements, appearing at Court on Preliminary Hearings, dealing with all case management issues and conducting advocacy at the Trial itself.  In the unfortunate event that the client were to be found guilty, we would include advice on the prospect of a successful Appeal, but not work involved in undertaking the Appeal itself.